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Communication beyond the text, generate effortlessly digital humans

Choose the most suitable model for your use-case,

and discover how quickly and effortlessly it can address your needs!

The world’s leading creation teams trust us.

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AIPARK's robust video generation AI technology. Generate high-quality video with training on tens of thousands of voice and face data.


Learned over 140 languages and adapted to each language's mouth shape.

Can be used for broadcasting and news videos


Credible voice and outfit

Can be used as an educational video


Present content in an engaging way

Can be used as XR video


Digital humans with compatibility in virtual spaces

Can be used as a promotional video


One-source multilingual tourism promotion

AiVATAR Is Useful for:

We switched to AiVATAR from other solutions. We were drawn in by its natural-looking avatar quality and affordable pricing. Having the option to easily select various outfits during the production process has allowed us to create a lot of videos.


Capsule Media

Every week, producing our weekly news segment required renting a studio, hiring external staff, and coordinating schedules; it was a lot to manage. With AiVATAR, all these issues were solved at once, significantly improving our work efficiency. The quality is so high that people can't even tell it's AI.

​Reporter & Anchor

Industry Broadcasting Channel i

다국어 아바타

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Digital humans, synthesized and recreated from real-world human data, are free from portrait rights issues.

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